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*To note: If you are browsing to sell us any rares or foils which don't appear in a search, they are classified as "bulk".  To add any amount of bulk rares or foils to your buy order, CLICK HERE.  No trade bonus is added for bulk cards.  Please also note that while they are not listed as an option, we buy all foreign language cards at 30% of their English value. Please submit them as English when creating your buylist.


*CARD CONDITIONS: Although only "Near Mint" items can be added to your sell cart, we also accept "Slightly Played" and "Moderately Played" cards.  The cards will be graded and priced accordingly upon reception.  As a general rule of thumb, we offer 85% of the NM buy price for cards considered "Slightly Played" and 60% of the NM buy price for "Moderately Played" cards.


*COUNTERFEIT CARDS: In the event you have unknowingly sent us a counterfeit card, we will notify you and destroy the card in accordance to Canadian Laws.




Step 1 – Use the search bar to find the cards you wish to sell and add quantities to your cart using the “SELL” tab.

Step 2 – Once you finish adding cards to your Sell Cart, click “Submit List”

Step 3 – Follow the system prompts to complete your sell order.

Step 4 – Wait for an approval email to be sent to you and double-check the quantities and prices in case of any changes.

Step 5 – Sort the cards in the EXACT ORDER shown in your cart, as it may take more time to process your sale if they are not in the correct order, as well as additional sorting fees being deducted from your total.

Step 6 – Carefully package and ship the cards to our store address.

Ship to:

Attn: Buyer

Jeux Face à Face Inc.

4425 rue Wellington

Verdun, Quebec, Canada

H4G 1W6


*Please note: We are not responsible for lost packages. Please insure the contents of your package and request a tracking number to err on the safe side if you wish to do so.

Step 7 – A notification email will be sent to you once we have received your cards and they have been graded, and you will promptly receive your payment once the order has been processed.